Goliad County Jail, Texas Inmates

Goliad is a city in Goliad County, Texas, US. It is known for the 1836 Goliad slaughter during the Texas Upheaval. It had a populace of 1,908 at the 2010 evaluation. Established on the San Antonio Stream, it is the county seat of Goliad County. It is a piece of the Victoria, Texas, Metropolitan Factual Zone.

Goliad County Jail

The Goliad County Jail is completely committed to the residents of this network in its push to give and keep up a safe and tied down office in which to legally confine and house detainees. The Goliad County Jail completely perceives its obligation to the residents of this network to work this office in the most practical way conceivable.

The Goliad County Jail considers that the reason for this office is to legally keep people accused of infringement of every relevant law. All detainees are dealt with decently and regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or age. The prisoner’s wellbeing and security is kept up by giving a healthful eating routine and satisfactory clinical consideration.

The Goliad County Jail is focused on keeping up an expert and all-around prepared restorative staff. The Goliad County Jail perceives the significance of the remedial staff in guaranteeing wellbeing and proficiency in the activity of the jail. The remedial staff keeps up the most significant level of security by holding fast to appropriate supervision of prisoners, security the board, and office control. The restorative staff of the Goliad County Jail are given the vital assets expected to play out their obligations.

Prisoners named least security hazard have the chance to work outside the jail on the Detainee Work Detail Team which is regulated by an official. They offer administrations to Goliad County that incorporate finishing, junk get for the different official regions, little development ventures and different employments for non-benefit associations.


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As of the census of 2000, 1,975 individuals, 749 families, and 518 families lived in the city of Goliad. The populace comes in at 1,294.3 individuals per square mile. There were 877 hotel units at a 574.7 per square mile. The racial diversity of the city of Goliad was 75.44% White, 6.08% African American, 0.35% Local American, 0.61% Asian, 14.99% from variety races, and 2.53% from at least two races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 49.72% of the population.

Of the 749 family units, 33.9% had kids younger than 18 living in the household, 51.7% were in two parent households, 12.8% had a woman present with no male presence, and 30.8% were not families. About 28.7% of all families were people, and 15.8% had someone over the age of 65 in the household. The normal family was around 2.49 size.

In the city, the population was dispersed as 26.3% younger than 18, 7.2% from 18 to 24, 24.4% from 25 until 44, 21.3% from 45 until 64, and 20.8% who were over the age of 65 years of age. The average age was 39 years of age. For each 100 women, there were 91.0 guys. For each 100 women 18 and over, there were 84.1 guys.

The average pay for a family in the city of Goliad was $26,200, and for a family was $33,438. Men had an average pay of $28,889 versus $20,167 for women.


The Texas Mile, an end of the week motorsports hustling celebration, used to be held at the Goliad Air terminal close Berclair, TX. After the US Naval force recovered the air terminal as a preparation field, the celebration has been held at an air terminal in Beeville, Texas. (discontinued because of air terminal being taken by the flying corps)

Goliad Market Day (hung on the second Saturday of consistently) is an occasion where produce, expressions and creates, and other retail things are sold.

Schroeder Lobby is one of Texas most amazing ballrooms where legends like George Jones, Merle Worn down, Willie Nelson, Beam Cost and numerous others regularly performed. The lobby is yet introducing the absolute greatest names in blue grass music today as it has for ages.

Goliad Blending Organization Brew Nursery Open to the open Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday from 12-7pm.